About Us

Japan Association of Audiovisual Producers, Inc.eizou bunka seisakusha renmei (Former English Name: Japan Association of Cultural Film Producers, Inc.) is the sole officially authorized organization of short film producers in Japan.

First establishied in 1953 as the “Association of Educational Film Producers of Japan”kyoiku eiga seisakusha renmei, the organization responded to the changing needs of Japanese film producers, expanded on its content and membership, and changed to its former name in 1969. And it renamed to its current one by the reconstruction in 2000.

At present, 37 Full, 36 (production) + 31 (individual) Associate and 45 Supporting Members are active in the fields of education, culture, science, industry and communications through every genre of non theatrical productions.

The principle aims of JAAP are the continued improvement of education, cultural enrichment and economic development. For this purpose, JAAP, as a public organization, maintains activities to:

    □improve the quality and use of audiovisual and multimedia
    □study the current state of film/ video production and management
    □conduct research into advanced production techniques
    □protect copyrights
    □publicize and distribute film/ video
    □encourage international film/ video exchange and co-production

Board of Directors:
President: Yoshio TSUKADA
Vice President: Hideaki TAKAHASHI, Nozomi SUMITA
Secretary General: Kiyomi NAKAJIMA
Managing Director in Charge of International Committee: Teruhiko KIMURA

Address: 7F, 17-18, Nihonbashi Koamichou, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0016